Why Lease?

The key thing to remember when considering leasing is: It's the use of equipment not the ownership that will earn you profits.

Here are some other considerations:

  • Preserve your cash without using existing capital
  • Improve your cash flow. Lease vs. loan allows a smaller monthly payment
  • Payments can be flexible, therefore eliminating budget problems
  • In most cases, leasing represents a tax savings, as each payment made is a direct write-off
  • Could help you from becoming an AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) payer
  • Conserves your bank lines of credit which are usually used for short-term needs or future expansion
  • Expands credit ceiling
  • Allows you to secure equipment today with tomorrows dollars, which are inflated.An effective hedge against inflation
  • Does away with obsolete equipment
  • New equipment, in many cases, increases your production, decreases your cost of operation and, ultimately, increasing profits

TRAC lease

We are highly skilled in the use of the TRAC lease; one of the most popular methods of financing for trucks and trailers. A TRAC lease is specifically designed for over-the-road vehicles and trailers. This lease contains a Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) that guarantees your business a certain residual price for the vehicle when the lease expires. This is the most common type of lease for business owners who want the option of buying the vehicle for a pre-determined price at the end of the lease.

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